Hello! I am Wreeper.

You are probably wondering right now: who am I?

I am just a guy that has a great imagination sometimes.

I am very skilled in sleeping and converting oxygen into carbon dioxide.

I like ducks, dogs and cats. Quack, Woof & Meow!

I sometimes do Bug-Hunting. I managed to make some interesting discoveries.

In my free time I also play games, mainly Minecraft :)

I create with JS, i complain with PHP, i execute with bash, i memorize with MySQL. Randomness at its finest

Hope you like the things I have on my website. Some of them have a bigger use than another.

If you do not have one, you should definitely make a website.

Like to think I'm on the top - that's why I chose the wreeper.top domain.

©️ Y O U R ~ K I N G ! ™️ ®️